CRRC & Cheng Health Support Rehab Development

Shandong Province – Working in conjunction with the China Rehabilitation Research Center, representatives from the Australasian Rehabilitation Outcomes Centre (AROC) and the Cheng Health Foundation toured several healthcare facilities to observe the development of medical rehabilitation in Shandong Province…


Foundation Supports International Forum

Beijing – The Fifth Beijing International Forum on Rehabilitation was held October 28th to November 1st. Jointly sponsored by the China Rehabilitation Research Center and the Norwegian Health and Rehabilitation Association, the forum is the largest international conference on Rehabilitation Medicine in China. For the third year the Cheng Health Foundation has actively participated in the forum, including sponsorship…


Exchange Program Meets with Success

Honolulu – The First International Distinguished Scholar Program was held on April 12th through the 18th here in Honolulu. The program, featuring two distinguished physicians from the China Rehabilitation Research Center in Beijing, was considered a success…


New Legs Bring a New Life for the “Basketball Girl”

Medical rehabilitation opens up a lifetime of opportunities for Qian Hongyan

Qian Hongyan’s life changed in an instant. The bright and active three year old girl’s future was full of promise until the day in 2000 when she was struck and pulled under the front wheels of a large delivery truck. Doctors in her native Yunnan province were able to save her life, but both of Hongyan’s legs were lost…


Program Brings Hope to Disabled Orphans

Beijing— A coordinated 3 year effort to assist disabled orphans has provided medical evaluation and treatment to over 15,000 orphans with disabilities. As reported by the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs, the program involved over 270 hospitals across China and utilized over RMB 600 million (US$84 million). Called the “Tomorrow Plan”, the program rendered critically needed medical, surgical and rehabilitative care to thousands of children less than 18 years old…




China Facing a Critical Shortage of Rehabilitation Therapists

In spite of growing needs, the number of specialists trained in medical rehabilitation remains low.

“The lack of formally trained personnel has become a serious ‘bottleneck’ in the development of medical rehabilitation in China,” said Dr. Li Jianjun, speaking to the Beijing International Forum on Rehabilitation. Dr. Li, Director of the China Rehabilitation Research Center (CRRC) and Editor in Chief of the Chinese Journal of Rehabilitation Theory and Practice, estimates that by 2015, China will need over 350,000 trained rehabilitation specialists to meet the needs of the Chinese people…




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